The right bleaching on your wedding

It should be the most beautiful day in your life. Your wedding is something you have dreamed about for a long time and finally it comes true. Of course you want to enjoy this special day and enchant all of your guests. Everything must be perfect: the wedding dress, the flowers, and the party. But remember, something very important must also be radiant: your face, with lightened eyes and teeth. You must have perfect white and radiant teeth. Don’t worry; we will help you to achieve your perfect smile!

Wedding teeth – radiant teeth for your wedding day

In our dental office Prof. Dr. Gonzales in the centre of Munich we offer you quite a special service: a bleaching especially for your wedding. The so-called Wedding Teeth are part of our dental esthetics programme and they will help you to realize your desire for becoming a radiant smile. But of course your teeth will not shine only on your wedding day. You will keep your wonderful white teeth for several months. Imagine this: you are walking up to the altar and you feel like a Hollywood star. And that is what you are. At your wedding you are the star and with our Wedding Teeth you have the perfect Hollywood smile.

Decide to get a bleaching treatment

This can be your wedding present: the most beautiful and radiant teeth. And that will be apresent that you can carry on with you for many years. Like your wedding ring. Becauseremember, a bright smile can dramatically improve your appearance not only on the mostbeautiful day in your life. White teeth are considered as the ideal of beauty, they will bringyou one step further in your own life situation. You will clearly notice how much your well-being will improve. You will be able to laugh confidently and show your perfect white teeth,and you will feel comfortable. As we are aware that you suffer from stress before yourwedding, you will get your bleaching before your wedding completely uncomplicated. Makean appointment in our practice, chose the desired brightness level and start the treatment.

The ways of bleaching

You can choose one of three methods. If you desire to perform the bleaching on your own, we produce special splints that you apply with a special whitening gel at home. Wear the splints for as long as you have achieved the desired brightness level. In a more uncomplicated way and under supervision of the dentist we offer you in-office bleaching, a safe and effective process that can be done together with a professional tooth cleaning and eventually with the applying of veneers. Veneers can correct smaller gaps between the teeth or small defects in the position of the teeth. The third version is the currently gentlest bleaching method for a bright smile. With a laser we remove discoloration and help you to obtain your wedding teeth within only two hours.

Always a smart appearance

Do you wish further corrections beside a teeth whitening? No problem. In modern dentistry it is possible to correct the teeth with thin ceramic shells, so-called veneers. The shells splendidly can be attached to your natural teeth and can correct smaller gaps between the teeth. Even rotated teeth can be corrected this way. In addition, you also have the possibility to remove old fillings. It is simply important that you can laugh freely on your wedding day! Our wedding-teeth and the new bleaching methods grant you a smile that makes your dream wedding even more beautiful.

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