Perfect teeth for the wedding – with a bright smile to the altar

You will get married? Firstly, we would like to take the opportunity to congratulate you. But how will you ensure that you will wear a bright smile on your wedding day? Just imagine: you are wearing the most beautiful cloth in your life. What about your smile? You need to laugh without any disturbances, and your teeth must be perfect! Like a Hollywood Star. One of the most important days in your life, it would be fatal if you don’t have a perfect look. For this reason we offer in our Dental Office specialised in aesthetic dentistry the most completely and uncomplicated whitening which changes your teeth into perfect Wedding Teeth.

Our whitening package

The fact that your teeth can become discoloured as time passes, is a completely natural process. Every day you eat food containing substances that are deposited on and in your teeth. Tea, caffeine, the consumption of red wine and cigarettes, but also a great quantity of food ingredients can cause a loss of your former radiant teeth colour. Of course, this is annoying, especially shortly before your wedding. Maybe you have already tried special toothpastes, which should make your teeth appear whiter. To some extent the toothpastes actually help, but in contrast to the professional dental cleaning they do not remove deeper stains. It is a great difference if you perform a professional whitening of your teeth for your wedding day. To get genuine Wedding Teeth, there are three whitening products available:

  • the home bleaching,
  • the in-office bleaching,
  • the laser whitening.

Get a radiant smile for your wedding

Use your chance and walk with perfect Wedding Teeth to the altar. For a gentle and quick teeth whitening we recommend the new laser whitening. In our office we use laser to remove even strong and intrinsic stains. Before the treatment you select the desired brightness level. The process takes, depending on the degree of whiteness, up to two hours and can be repeated if you wish it.
Of course you can also rely on conventional whitening methods for your Wedding Teeth. In our dental office in the centre of Munich, we perform the so-called in-office whitening. After a thoroughly cleaning of your teeth, we apply a thin protective film on your gums and put a tincture of hydrogen peroxide on the teeth. Under UV light the hydrogen peroxide acts until the desired brightness is reached. The whitening with hydrogen peroxide is an affordable option, but should be carried out twice to ensure a perfect wedding smile.
With all the preparations for your wedding you do not find any time to make use of a treatment in our practice? In this case, you can use the home bleaching. We provide you with the necessary splint and a special whitening gel. At home, you apply the gel on the splint and wear it for a few hours. You decide for yourself about your desired brightness level, just wear the splint until your teeth appear in a perfect white.
Do you wish more information or do you want to schedule an appointment for your Wedding Teeth? Contact us, we will be happy to help you and to explain you the process more in detail.